Welcome to the world of Virtual DES 2020!

Back to School artHello Gators!
We are so excited to go
back to school with all of you.

While we may not all be back in the same building yet, we will all be working together to make the best year possible. Let’s learn & laugh. Let’s imagine, believe & achieve. We’ve got lots to do.

Your DES PTO is busy making plans, brainstorming, solving problems, and listening to ideas. Please jump right in and join with us as we move into a very special 2020/2021 school year. We are looking into virtual programs, fun outdoor options, and anything we can do to liven things up and get everyone going!

Sign up for the Gator Blast weekly e-mails right off the bat. If you got the e-mails in previous years, you’re already set. This is the best way to keep up with everything that comes up. We include info. from and about the school, about the PTO, about school board decisions, community programs focused on kids and families, and any general news that we think is worth sharing.

Next, we ask if you would officially join the PTO by filling out the membership form and paying the very reasonable annual dues. We will include your family in our yearly Student Directory and we will use the funding to support the many, many projects, purchases, and programs that the PTO helps to bring to life at DES.

As we get going, we want to be available to answer any of your questions that you just can’t find answers to. Please reach out to the PTO and we will try to help with whatever you might need. We’ll let you know when regular meetings get started and you’ll be hearing from us via the Gator Blast each week. We do try and keep this site updated, but we hope you understand that all of this work is done by volunteers who have kids too. So, be patient as we go and if you are willing to volunteer in any way, we can probably put you to work somehow. News on volunteer opportunities would normally be everywhere, but this year is a bit different than most. Keep an ear out and we’ll let you know when we need some help. Davidsonville Elementary is known for its amazing volunteer participation and we plan to keep that energy going this year. Thanks ahead of time.

We strive to build bridges between the school and families, and we look forward to working with all of you as we make these elementary school years the absolute best they can be for our children!

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