Arrival & Dismissal Guidelines

“Normal year” Arrival Plans:

The school day officially begins at 9:30 a.m. If your child is not in their classroom at this time, they may be marked as tardy or absent. We advise you to leave plenty of time for them to get to the classroom, put away their belongings, take out their materials, and be prepared for class to begin. Please note, no students should be dropped off prior to 9:15 am as there will be no adult supervision before this time. Doors open at 9:15 am and nobody but staff and safety patrol members are allowed to enter prior to that time unless they are active members in a club or program that is meeting in the morning hours.

If you are arriving late to the school, and the front door has already been closed, you MUST come in to the school office masked and sign your student in. If you do not, they will receive a tardy for the day.

Please strongly consider putting your child on the bus every day. This is by far the safest traffic option for everyone at the school. Rte. 214 is a very busy road, especially in the mornings. We have had traffic studies done in an effort to find the best solutions for safety. So far, we are unable to procure either a traffic light or a crossing guard to assist with cars entering and exiting the campus.

If it is not possible to use bus service, please adhere to the traffic patterns that have recently been implemented:

Be patient and if the drop-off/pick-up line is backed up to the corner (turning in from 214), drivers are asked to stop on the shoulder of 214 three (3) car lengths from the turn in to allow exiting drivers more visibility.

When loading and unloading during arrival and dismissal, we ask that parents pull all the way up to conduct loading and unloading between the stop sign and the crosswalk only! This is for the safety of all students, faculty, and parents. PLEASE, do not unload behind the crosswalk and beyond!!

“Normal year” Dismissal Plans:

Parents are advised to send a note to the teacher on the day when the student has to leave school before 3:55 p.m. Parents are not permitted to wait in the lobby for the dismissal of car riders. For security reasons, it is critical that parents wait in their cars in the car rider line for their student(s). There is limited space to discharge and pick up students. Children and adults create a hazardous situation when walking between cars to the parking area. Please DO NOT park in the parking lot to pick-up your student(s)!

Any parent needing to pick up a student prior to dismissal is asked to do so no later than 3:40 p.m. Any parent who has a meeting following dismissal is asked to wait until the building is mostly clear from dismissal procedures before entering the building. Also, as a reminder, anyone who is not on the “Emergency Contact” form must have prior permission to pick up a student and WILL be asked for identification.

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