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The Davidsonville Elementary School PTO is a strong and vibrant organization. Not all schools are fortunate enough to have the involvement and amazing volunteer labor that this school has due to our fantastic parents and families.

Each year, the PTO sets a proposed budget to offer the annual special programs and projects that the group sponsors every year. Things that probably wouldn’t happen without that financial assistance. Because school budgets can be tight, some years are tighter than others. That’s why the DES PTO steps up, year after year, to open up additional opportunities for learning, for fun, and for families.

We sell catalog products, we host events large and small, we sell gift cards and t-shirts, cookies and candles. And we seek donations constantly from our business community and our extended families, because we believe that everyone benefits from children learning and growing up well. And it all starts in elementary school. An entire life can be shaped and encouraged right here in our school.

As a 501(c)(3) non=profit organization, the DES PTO doesn’t make any profit from any of this. Nor do we pay our incredible volunteers who give 1,000’s of hours each year. Instead, we use this money to expand our goals and dreams, and those of our staff and students as well. Read our mission statement here.

We ask for your involvement and donation at any time you can offer one. If you can help us, we welcome the assistance. The group and the school has huge hopes. We aim big, and we are quite often successful thanks to everyone who cares about the future of our children. Read about some of the projects and programs that the DES PTO helps to make possible here.

For more information on donating to the DES PTO, please contact one of the board members listed on this site. You can also e-mail anytime. Thank you for your time.

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