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Week of September 8-11, 2020 

Welcome to Davidsonville Elementary School.
Welcome to the Gator Blast.


This week:
Tuesday, Sept. 8:  School begins for all grades 1-12
Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept. 8-9:  Kindergarten Conferences held
Tuesday, Sept. 10-14:  Staggered entrance continues for Kindergarten

A look ahead:
Tuesday, Sept. 15:  First full-day for all Kindergarten
Wednesday, Sept. 16:  Board of Education meeting, public session at 10:00 am, details here
Wednesday, Sept. 23:  DES Back to School Night for all parents, 6:30pm
Monday, Sept. 28:  NO SCHOOL, all schools & offices closed

 It’s the Gator Blast!             

This is the e-mail distribution list for the families of Davidsonville Elementary School coordinated by the PTO at DES, home of the Gators! The Gator Blast lets you get info. about lots of things that happen beyond the classroom. Clubs, programs, events, county school news, issues of interest, and much more are shared with parents weekly and any family at DES can sign up to get it free of charge (that explains the ads above).

Thanks to all of our new families signed up for the Blast already. If you know of anyone who isn’t signed up, let them know to head to and sign up there. Unlike more normal years, we don’t have many new Kindergarten families signed up yet.

During the school year, we will send out the Gator Blast fairly regularly on Sunday evenings, sometimes midweek, and as items come up. Holiday weekends will usually be on a delay.

If you are receiving this e-mail, but wish to unsubscribe, drop us a line at We realize many of you may have moved on as last year ended abruptly. 

 The News:                                 

School Info for DES
Yes, it’s all virtual school for now. Every student will take part in a virtual classroom experience using computers or devices. You should have gotten many e-mails from AACPS and a couple of updates from DES Principal Harris about how it all works. If you have any questions, visit the AACPS Virtual info site at this link. AACPS is recommending students log-in to their virtual Google classrooms daily using Classlink. The Classlink link is here. Best of luck to everyone as we get going. 

School hours are different this year
K-2nd grade 9:00 am – 3:00 pm on Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. (Wed. is 9:00-11:00 am)
3rd-5th grade 8:30 am – 3:00 pm on Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.
(Wed. is 8:30-11:15 am)
Students need to be on their computers, logged in and ready to begin at the start time. If you have any questions about forgotten passwords or general problems, contact the DES front office staff and they can help you find answers. The DES office phone number is 410-222-1655.
See the schedules & school year calendar at

We are ALL the PTO!  Join online today!
PTO Membership sign-up starts now
Hello everyone and welcome to a most interesting school year! The annual membership drive for the Davidsonville Elementary School PTO is up & running and we hope you ALL join us. Despite the virtual nature of the school start, the PTO still has very real expenses. Like the cost of the gift cards we give to teachers at the beginning of each year, the purchase of supplies and technologies as needed, website hosting, taxes, insurance, and much more. The PTO does a lot of great things around here and are proud of the awesome community spirit at DES. The goal is always 100% participation. Check out the PTO website to see past project lists, fill out the membership form & pay dues online while there. Info. on the form will also be used for our student directory. Thank you for your support.
Visit this link to join the PTO

Back to School Night is online 9/23
Wednesday, Sept. 23rd you can head back to school for one night and learn more about your student’s classes and teachers as well as general policies and procedures at DES. Parents will log-in via their student’s Google Classroom on the computer. There will be brief presentations by the Principal and the PTO. Then teachers will host two-20 minute classroom sessions, just like we do in more “normal” years. So, if you have students in multiple grades, you will get a chance to visit with more than one teacher during the evening. We hope all parents will join online for this important opportunity to be involved in your children’s education.

Parents, take some photos!
We just wanted to remind everyone that a virtual start won’t hold us back from trying to make a yearbook happen this school year. So, the PTO is reminding all of you to grab those pictures of special events. First day of school, fun moments in virtual schooling, cultural arts moments, or ideas you come up with. We don’t want to miss out on the year’s early memories, so help us out. We will send info. soon on where & how you can share these photos with our yearbook committee. Thanks.

Virtual clubs can happen & volunteers will still be needed
Never fear! We are working on all kinds of ideas to try and offer students things to do and to explore during this virtual window. And we are ready to listen to suggestions you might have to offer. Our new PTO Volunteer Coordinator Laura Addeo, is focused on all things related to clubs, programs, and volunteers. Stay tuned to future Gator Blasts for any and all news on programs, where we might need help, and how you can be involved this year at DES. Meanwhile, if you want to reach out to her with ideas or questions, fill out the contact us page on this site.

 Public Service Announcements: 

Sports and things…
Our friends over at the Davidsonville Athletic Association (DAA) are doing everything they can possibly do to make things more “normal” for kids and families during this pandemic. This includes some sports happening now or others that still have registration open. If you are new to the area and want to know how to get your kids involved in local athletics, visit DAA online at

You can also check out our other neighboring sports league at South River Youth Athletics where you can also find several sports up and running. Visit this link.

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PTO Executive Board 2020/2021  

President: Carrie Groff
VP Communications: Christina Feindt
VP Volunteer Coordinator: Laura Addeo
VP Fundraising: Jamie Quinn
Treasurer: Jenn Phillips
Asst. Treasurer:
Secretary: Leeanne Whitwell

If you need to contact the PTO Board,
visit the Contact Us page on the menu above (under PTO Info)
fill out the form,
and we can get it to the right people.

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