PTO Sponsored Programs

Many programs at the school are PTO sponsored or co-sponsored by the PTO in cooperation with Davidsonville Elementary School.
Some events and programs could not exist without the financial and volunteer support of the DES Parent Teacher Organization.
It is amazing what we can achieve when staff, volunteers, parents, and students all work together.
It’s a busy year, so keep checking the online calendar of events and read your PTO Blast e-mails for updates.

Your child and you may enjoy many of the special events provided by the PTO.
Here are just some of them:

The following programs are sponsored by DES with the assistance of the PTO:

  • Back To School Night
  • Jump Rope For Heart
  • Junior Achievement (Biztown)
  • Harvest for the Hungry
  • Classroom Holiday Parties
  • Field Day
  • Flu Shots
  • Photo Days



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Book It! Reading Incentive Program

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The PTO oversees the publication of the annual yearbook for Davidsonville Elementary School. While it’s not open to membership by students, it is something that we should all consider throughout the year as we attend events and participate in school activities. Take photos – lots and lots of photos. Pictures taken on a high-quality camera …

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