First Lego League, Jr.

This club is a unique one at DES. It was originally brought to us by the student members of the PowerHawks Robotics Club at South River High School. They ran the whole thing with student helpers managing students and all.

Now, the PowerHawks are trying to start the program in as many area schools as possible. To do so, they have asked if DES might get a few more parent helpers involved and help coordinate it more. The PHRC has still offered student helpers as long as we can draft enough help too.

This year’s program chairperson will be seeking assistance. As student membership is limited in number, it can be hard to get parent volunteers lined up prior to enrollment time. If there is a lot of interest in the program, it could possibly be run as many times as there are volunteers to host it.

This is NOT a Lego play club. This is a nationwide organization sponsored by the Lego corporation that offers block kits as tools to create a project with a theme that changes annually. It captures young curiosity by exploring real-world scientific challenges, learning teamwork, and sometimes working with motorized LEGO® elements. As students age, they will encounter other forms of the group.
In upper grades and Middle School, it’s First Lego League.
In grades 7-12 it’s First Tech Challenge (FTC)
In grades 9-12 it is First Robotics Challenge (FRC).
You can learn more on the First website at:

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Contact Information:

Christina Feindt
Dates & Times:
First Lego League, Jr. usually takes place in the Fall
Different grade levels are accepted in varying programs.
Keep watching the Gator Blast for announcements.

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